Tariff Petition-FY-2020-21

Sr. No. Description Downloads
1 1840-2019-Tariff Petition-FY-2020-21. View/Download
1A 1840-2019-PDF copy DGVCL petition for FY 2020-21 View/Download
2 1840-2019-Tariff Petition-Remaining Forms View/Download
2A 1840-2019-PDF copy Tariff Petition-Remaining Forms View/Download
3 1840-2019-Tariff Petition-Form-10A View/Download
3A 1840-2019-PDF copy Tariff Petition-Form-10A View/Download
4 Annual Accounts FY 2018-19 View/Download
5 1840-2019-Petition Revised Forms View/Download
5A 1840-2019-Petition Revised Forms PDF View/Download
6 1840-2019-Tariff petition Summary-English-12.12.2019 View/Download
7 1840-2019-Tariff Petition Summary-Gujarati-12.12.2019 View/Download
8 1840-2019-Tariff Petition Press note View/Download
9 Additional Data to Petition  
  Annexure-A_WRLDC Pooled loss - 2018-19 View/Download
  Annexure-B Power Purchase 2018-19 Appr v Act View/Download
  Annexure-C1 Capex 2016-17.1 View/Download
  Annexure-C2 Capex 2016-17.2 View/Download
  Annexure-C3 Capex 2017-18 View/Download
  Annexure-C4 Capex 2018-19 View/Download
  Annexure-E Computiaon of Income 2018-19 DGVCL View/Download
  Annexure-F CAG REPORT 2018-19 View/Download
  Annexure-F1 CAG Audit ANN-B View/Download
  DGVCL Data Gaps 16-Jan-20 View/Download
  Format for Interest on Loan View/Download
  Format for Depreciation View/Download