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1 Application for new LT connection/ HT connection
2 Daily planned shutdowns
3 Customer care center number
4 Guideline for registration of power supply related complaint to CCC
5 Fee Details for Change of Name and Transfer of Agreement
6 Reliability index
7 Standard Operating procedures quarterly/ Yearly reports
8 Regulators information system quarterly / Yearly reports
9 Giving compensation in case of outages increased beyond certain cap
10 Tariff Order w.e.f : 01-Apr-2016 and publishing on : 31-Mar-2016
11 Tariff schedule w.e.f : 01-Apr-2016
12 Consumer information
13 Charges to be recovered for getting new LT connection
14 Documents required for obtaining new connection
15 Timeline for giving new connection
16 Supply code 2015
17 Revised EoD Business Circular dated 14.07.2017
18 Process Flow Chart for HT connection
19 Process Flow Chart for LT connection
20 Approved List of Electrical supervisors
21 Online Dashboard for New Connection (Last Updated on 21-Sep-2022 12:15 PM)
22 Online Dashboard for Change of Name (Last Updated on 21-Sep-2022 12:15 PM)
23 Online Dashboard for Change of Name Summarized